गण्याचे विचार

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गण्याचे विचार

गुरुजी मुलांना इंग्रजीतून आपल्या मनातले विचार लिहायला सांगतात. गण्याचं इंग्लिश डळमळीत पण विचार अफलातून. तो लिहू लागतो….

My thoughts are very jabardast.
I sometimes poh in the nadi near my ghar.
That nadi is very khol khol.
There is one bhovra in that nadi.
If anyone goes in that bhovra parat yeyitach nai.

My mother is chaan looking,thengni, thuski.
She bits me with mugda.
Mugdha we use for maring zadu.
It is hiracha mugda.
She uses it donhi kadna.
From each side type of mar vegvegla.
You have to take anubhav of it then only you can understand farak between both sides.

Then comes my father.
He is a nice man.
He always go to kamavar.
On sunday he brings mase, mutton for us. He likes cricket chi match very much.

I have one mothi bahin.
She likes Vaibhav Tatvavadi very much.
You know that laaamb nakacha,laaamb tangya.Well,toch to.

I bring andyachi poli and chapati, burji chapati in my dabba.
The girl named arya who sits mazyabajula do not ajibaat like andyacha vas .
That is not my chuki.
She should make her nose habit of andyacha vas.

The girl who sits on my dusrya bajula is very radvi and shembdi. She only does abhyas.She does not know how to lav kan on bench and vajav tabla.I am very skilled in bench tabla.on off period I show my bench tabla art to my friends yekdam fuktat.

My vichar are very spasht.
I am going to get married lavkarat lavkar so that my aai will not bit mi with her zaducha mugda.I would like to have at least four wives, one for ghasing bhandi,washing kapade, second for sambhaling my children,third for roaming with me.

My aunty is very khadus .She always aks my marks,compares my marks with pakya,his son.Someday I am going to give three four fights to that pakya and also deciding of soading rat in that aunt’s anthrun.

I would like to become rajkarni because I think rajkarni do not need to do kam.
He only eats money and enjoy his life. Only before election he roams in our gullies asking for votes.well that’s a pretty nice job.

Sir you will like my thoughts nakkich.
Do not give me full marks.
Give full marks to Pushpa who sits on the pahila bench.
She is very gorigori…….?
Feel free to share with my नाव.
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——गीता गजानन गरुड.

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