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      Our Factory
      Established in 2014, Shandong Yige Qi Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the production of YGQ pressure transmitter, YGQ differential pressure transmitter, YGQ temperature transmitter factory, and engaged in international brand ROSEMOUNT and EJA product sales agent. Products are sold to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and other countries in the world. We provide advanced industrial products with high quality and low price. Professional sales to chemical plants, power plants, and equipment manufacturers, machinery processing plants, etc.
      Our Product
      YGQ temperature transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter.
      Product Application
      Power plants, chemical plants, cement plants, machinery manufacturing, refrigeration equipment, sewage treatment, gas stations.
      Our service
      Packing the products well before delivery is conducive to long-distance transportation. Damage on the way belongs to the scope of our warranty. If problems arise in the use process, we can give telephone guidance. If we encounter large items of spare parts, we can go to the site for guidance. If there are quality problems during the warranty period, we can send the products back to us for maintenance and replacement.Dissolved Oxygen Sensor price

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