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Sub conscious mind is responsible for the human behaviour, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Subconscious mind knows your positive and negative energy, it also act as big data storage for your perceptions/thoughts about people, religion, friends, family…etc

It’s very important that we should filter, verify and confirm everything what we store in our subconscious mind, because information stored in sub conscious mind will get processed in terms of your behaviour, personality and the way you talks with people.
This is very similar process of writing something to a computer hard disk, we always try to scan the data before writing to hard disk just to ensure it’s free from all kind of viruses and other issues. Same thing applies for the data storage in subconscious mind.

Examples of the types of data

  1. Whenever we see someone, automatically our mind starts feeling frustration, our mood is getting change and so many negative thoughts immediately coming in mind
  2. Whenever we see someone, we feel very positive, we really like to listen them, also like to spend more time with those people.
  3. Whenever you hear some “words” then based on what information you stored in your subconscious mind it’ triggers either positive or negative thoughts.

Examples of perception

  1. Perceptions with visualisation
    We start believing on those things which have repeatedly presented to us using various platforms, without even analysing the data we are directly storing it in our sub conscious mind plus we are adding our own thoughts to it. So final outcome is incomplete + modified data
  2. Perceptions with some “words”
    For example, I am graduated as “engineer” , I am “working with MNC” and my religion is “Muslim”

If we take this word “Muslim” then so many perceptions associated with this word will come automatically in mind, it may negative or positive based on individual sub conscious mind database. Some thoughts are with verified information and some may be because of incomplete and non-verified data stored in subconscious mind for this word

  1. Perceptions because fear and emotions and assumptions..
    for example:
    Your girlfriend is not answering your call since an hour and you are continuously trying to call her….now its almost 20 missed calls. Now what you are thoughts coming to your mind?? Its depend on what you stored in your sub conscious mind.

So let’s get back to point….

Now days so many information getting shared on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, tiktok, news media…etc also many things are getting discussed within friends and colleagues, how really we are processing this information in our hard disk (sub conscious mind)???


Before writing any information to human hard disk i.e. sub conscious mind we have to be very careful what we are writing and storing, whatever we are writing it’s getting reflected somewhere in our behaviour and day to day life, so we need to put an antivirus across our sub conscious mind so good thoughts will be stored and bad thoughts will be eliminated
Half processed information is very dangerous for the both humans and machines, so before making any perception try to go further details in subject by yourself, don’t believe what other people are talking or thinking, we should be 100% sure that whatever information we stores about any person, religion, friends, colleagues are analysed, verified and then saved.
With known and verified information we always get confident to speak in group of people and good data will get carry forward and it also help to eliminate the viruses along with data….
Thanks for reading…just a consolidated thoughts.

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